Please put here your name, your specialties and what you're ready to help with.

Cauê Waneck

  • GLSL HxSL target
  • Unity 3d integration
  • Structs<> API

Stéphane Le Dorze

  • General knowledge of game engines 16y in video game companies | functional prog | maths | algo | archit.
  • Would help on whatever could be done by short time periods coz my planning is very irregular.

Juraj Kirchheim

Matthew Spencer

  • OpenGL / General 3D / Scanline renderers
    +Currently working on C++/Neko support for OpenGL/GLES.

Tarwin Sroh-Spijer:

  • general game and web development
  • always pushing what haxe can do and been pushing for this ...

Andy Li

  • some experience with OpenGL
  • hxOpenFrameworks integration
  • enjoy porting stuff from AS3/JS/C++ or whatever.
  • Github acc: andyli


  • OpenGL
  • next generation 3D engine
  • Scanline renderers
  • HaxeAswing ( as3 and cpp/neko uilib)


  • SVG fallback for JS target since SVG is faster than canvas for iOS/Webkit if 3D transforms are not used
  • Canvas fallback can benefit too, due to planed algorithm based on Delaunay triangulation

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