IDE-specific wanted features

This is a wanted list of the desired features a Haxe IDE should implement, that aren't entirely available today or that are hard for most IDE's to implement. The goal is to create a library that will already be able to take care of these, and provide an easy to use interface so that most IDE's can benefit from it. Please feel free to include your wishlist here!

Detection (server)-based features:

  • Class renaming / file moving / folder moving detection
  • Member variable and method renaming detection

On-demand features

  • Package renaming (change package some.package.* to other.package.* or my.Class to other.package.Class and all references to it)
  • Member renaming (rename a specific class/enum member reference. This will only rename what's correctly typed (or inferred), but might raise a warning for each Dynamic that access this member name)
  • Get declaration (position) of any Haxe expression
  • Find all references to a specific class/enum member
  • enhanced --display that can benefit from haxe server mode and also auto-detect needed compiler options (for example if inside a #js block, it will provide completion for the -js part of the hxml)
  • --display log of errors for IDEs that don't go well with macro errors inside --display blocks
  • Import helper: suggest Classes given an arbitrary class name, or suggest them after class-not-found errors.

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