anthx: Ant tasks for Haxe

AntHX is a collection of Ant tasks for use with Haxe.
If you're not familiar with Ant you can start with its wiki page.

You can install AntHX using:
haxelib install anthx

A Java Development Kit (JDK) and Ant must also be installed.

Full documentation is available on the project's Google Code site here:


<haxe hxml="test.hxml"/>

<haxe2neko main="App" out="app.n"/>

<neko file="app.n"/>

<haxe2swf main="App" out="app.swf" version="9" swflib="resources.swf">
   <header width="100" height="100" framerate="25" background="FF0000"/>
   <lib name="handyXML"/>
      <pathelement location="E:\src"/>

<getHaxelibPath lib="swhx" property="folder.haxelib"/>
<echo>SWHX installed at:${folder.haxelib}</echo>

neko.Lib.println("Some embedded Haxe code.");

See also the build file for AntHX itself.

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