Cocktail - iOS target

This page details how to generate an iOS application using Cocktail.

There are two ways to generate an iOS app with Cocktail:
* using Adobe Air
* using NME

Adobe Air

Adobe Air Sdk needs to be installed first to then be able to compile to iOS

Air SDK installation

* Download the Adobe Air Sdk from:
* Then add its path to your "PATH" environment variables. (It should look like: "C:\AdobeAIRSDK\bin\")

Air Mobile compilation

In this example, we will use cocktail simple webapp, available here, as a reference.

* First, subscribe to Apple iOS developer program for 99$...
* Once you account is created, generate an apple provisionning file and an apple p12 certificate password (details available here - link only accessible with a valid account).
* Copy these files to /build directory and rename them to "Provisioning_Profile.mobileprovision" and "iphone_dev.p12"
* Then launch build/WebApp_air_iOS.bat and use as password the .p12 certicate password
* The binary file will be generated in /bin/WebApp.ipa

app installation

* To install the application on an iOS device, drag and drop this file (provisionning file is not needed as included in the app) on iTunes, and then sync the "Cocktail Demo" app on your device.
* The app will appear on the home screen of your iDevice.


Informations to come soon...

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