Game Console

Game Console

Game console is a real-time console, that can be used to call methods or change variables with instant results, without the need to recompile and run the application again.

It can be used for many things, like adjusting visual components, debugging, logging etc..

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Haxe flash and neko, also cpp targets via nme + hxcpp.


haxelib install gameconsole

How to use it:

The first step is to initialize the console and register variables and functions to be accessed in real-time.

import pgr.gconsole.GameConsole;

GameConsole.log("This text will be logged.");
GameConsole.registerVariable(object, "variable name", "variable alias");
GameConsole.registerFunction(object, "function name", "function alias");

Then, running the application, press TAB to bring up the console, type help and press ENTER and follow from there.


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