hxUnicode is a cross-platform library for manipulating Unicode string.
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hxUnicode supplies UnicodeTools and CombiningTools. Declaring them with the using keyword, you can use the functions as them of the String class.
using unicode.UnicodeTools;
using unicode.CombiningTools;


UnicodeTools manipulate each Unicode character.
"日本語".uLength() == 3
"ру??кий".uCharAt(5) == "и"
"☃".uCodeAt(0) == 0x2603
"今日?雪??り???".uIndexOf("雪") == 3

You can convert Code Points into a string.
(0x2600).uCodeToString() == "☀"
[0x3007, 0x4E00, 0x4E8C, 0x4E09].uToString() == "〇一二三"

You can validate Unicode strings with uIsValid or uValidate. uIsValid returns true when the given string is valid. uValidate() throws an Exception when the given string is invalid.


UnicodeIter is an iterator that returns each Unicode Code Point.


CombiningTools manipulate each combining character sequence.
[0x304B, 0x309A].uToString().ucLength() == 1
"f?ɑ̃sɛ".ucLength() == 5

ucOrdering???文字を正?順?(Canonical Ordering)?並?替??文字列を返???。

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