Contributing to Jeash

The usual way to contribute to jeash is to write reduced test cases of reproducible bugs and report them with or without a suggestion of code changes to launchpad:

Launchpad bug tracker

The code is open source and welcomes external contributions though, so if you spend some time with Jeash, you may feel like working on the code base directly.

Clone the repository

The web URL of the repository, where you can browse the repository is:

Jeash git repository

to clone the repository you need the git version control system, this should be available through your //package manager on linux; macports/fink or brew on mac OSX, or msysgit on windows. Then, use :

$ git clone git://

The public "mob" branch

If you have smaller changes, it's possible to commit directly to the codebase with a special "public" branch, without registration or authentication, which can be merged back into the master branch quickly and painlessly, and retaining the author tag of the original contributor.
$ git checkout --track -b mob origin/mob
// do some work, git add, git commit, etc.
$ git push ssh://

Forking the code base

Alternatively, if you are planning to submit a larger change, then it is better to fork the project to give you the time to address all issues, which can be merged back into the master branch after you feel the patch has gained a certain maturity and stability.

To fork the project simply follow the link, and fill in the form:

Fork jeash

Open source

The project thrives on external contributions, this page attempts to bring a better workflow to external patch contributions.
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