PureMVC is a lightweight framework for creating more maintainable applications using the classic Model, View and Controller concept.

Rapid Development - its all about the patterns

  • Based upon proven Design Patterns, this free, open source framework was originally implemented in the ActionScript 3 language for use with Adobe Flex, Flash and AIR. But since it relies on abstract design patterns and not language or platform specific features, PureMVC has now been ported to many other development platforms, including Haxe!
  • Because the roles, responsibilities and collaborations of the implementation classes are so clear and because the framework has been designed to hide as much of the complexity from the developer as possible, once you understand it, you'll find yourself coding at the speed of thought - and not leaving 'spaghetti code' behind.

Stability - from the get-go

  • The PureMVC framework has been bug-fixed into stability over the last few years by an extremely active community, and the Haxe ports reap the benefit of this by beginning with stable code as a reference.
  • The scope of the framework is frozen, and so you will not need to continuously upgrade it to get the latest and greatest version.
  • In order to extend the functionality of the framework, separate off-the-shelf utilities can be used as needed. Lots of powerful utilities exist to help you handle things like Undo and State Management in a graceful way.
  • Plays well with other frameworks! PureMVC does its work unobtrusively. For instance, it doesn't make special requirements on view component implementation, so using frameworks like Xinf, to do your interface work while PureMVC separates the View from the Model is easy and clean.

Standard and MultiCore Versions

  • Two versions of the framework are supported with reference implementations; Standard and MultiCore.
  • The Standard Version provides a simple methodology for separating your coding interests according to the MVC concept.
  • Though very similar, the MultiCore Version goes a step beyond and allows multiple PureMVC applications ('cores') work together in the same virtual machine; modular programming. One core can send messages to or call methods on another core. The chief benefit is that cores can be loaded dynamically at runtime and don't need to be compiled into the same application. Also, it means that cores can be written by different developers altogether, allowing easy outsourcing of functionality in large applications.
  • Both reference implementations have been ported to Haxe, complete with unit tests, which prove it is sound across all Haxe-supported versions of the Flash player as well as JavaScript.
  • Most of the utilities work with either PureMVC Standard or MultiCore.

Take your Haxe programming to the next level !

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