8 ways to get on IRC

What is IRC?

IRC is a little like MSN, ICQ, jabber, or Google chat, except the focus is on group chat. Users connect to a virtual room and talk to each other through an IRC client. There are many clients, and everyone has his favourite. If you have never used IRC before, then this page will help you get on your feet with IRC.

8 ways to get on IRC

  • If you don't want to install anything, you can use on online irc client - http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=haxe
  • If you own Firefox, there is a plugin - Chatzilla!
  • If you are on Windows, the classic client has always been mIRC.
  • If you are on MacOSX, the most well-known is Colluquy.
  • If you are on Linux, you most likely already have a few clients installed, try running "xchat" in a shell/terminal.
  • All OSes can install the ubiquitous and excellent pidgin.
  • Traditionally IRC was used over a console, if you are more tech-savvy try ircii, epic, bitchX, or weechat.
  • [advanced] You don't need to install anything (yes windows too)! Open a shell/terminal and run "telnet freenode 6667" - follow instructions on the oreilly article.

I've installed it, now what?

You'll be asked to connect to a server - you should use chat.eu.freenode.net if you are closer to Europe or chat.us.freenode.net if you are closer to the US. The port number is usually 6667, which is fine. Choose a reasonable nickname and click connect.

If all goes well, the freenode server will connect you, and you have the opportunity to join a room. At this point type #haxe and click ok. if you are already in a chat window, the server command is:

/join #haxe

Voilà, you should now be connected to a large goup of similar minded people, and can talk to them through the main chat window.

See you there!

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