People Using Haxe

Here's a small list of the people using Haxe. Please write a few words about yourself and a link to your blog and your Haxe usage, you can even create your own page as a subsection.

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  • Nicolas Cannasse : Haxe Author, co-founder of Motion-Twin. Nicolas loves programming languages, developing games and websites, and open source. He's been developing Haxe in the past years for Web+Flash development.
  • Franco Ponticelli : Author of the book "Professional Haxe and Neko" and active member of the Haxe community. Franco is a free-lance programmer with a passion for Web Applications. Currently he is developing the Open Source project Haxe/PHP.
  • Lee McColl Sylvester : Author of the book "Professional Haxe and Neko" and active member of the Haxe community. Lee is a freelance developer who loves to tinker with new technologies. He's currently working on various projects for the Haxe and Neko platforms, writing monthly printed magazine articles about Haxe in "Flash and Flex Developer Magazine" and using Haxe to advance his client work.
  • Michel Romecki : Passionated by programming, he is an auto-didact coder and worked as free-lance for few years, playing with design and code using mainly Flash. In 2004, he joined, one of the most popular casual gaming website. Today, he is the Manager of the Game Development Team, building internet games using Haxe and open source tools. He teaches Haxe and open source development at University.
    Writing some technical articles for Flash and Flex Developer Magazine too.
    He’s also an active member of the Haxe and open source community. website
  • Justin Donaldson : A PhD candidate at Indiana University specializing in recommender systems, human computer interaction, and web technologies (focusing on Haxe of course). He is sponsored by, a company focused on providing social recommendation technologies. Justin and Franco are currently sponsoring a Haxe "Summer of Code" project, which is open to any students with an interest in Haxe. Justin also has a blog where he talks about many different things.
  • Marcus Bergstrom: Co-owner of the interactive design agency Quickform, which develops interactive flash applications and websites for small and large companies around the world, including clients like Disney, AOL and Amnesty Intl. Haxe has become an everyday environment for quickform, and is heavily used for most of their projects. He is a big fan of the strict typing that Haxe can offer, and using one language to code both client and server applications.
  • Mike Sorrenti : President of Game Pill (Interactive) Game Pill creates Interactive Entertainment for broadcasters, brands, producers, & agencies. We offer HTML5, Unity 3d and Flash development for online/mobile & we have immersed ourselves in HAXE as a cross platform in-browser option for games. Our clients include the top brands in the world.
  • Viral Jetani: A website Developer and a Freelancer. Owner of website Interested in new technologies and to learn them and to develop applications using them..
  • Frank Denis: Web developer for Skyrock, a leading european social network, security consultant and developer of OSS software like UCARP and Pure-FTPd. He recently felt in love with Haxe, especially for Flash9 development.
  • Danny Wilson : Haxe enthusiast since the early days. Founder of a small dutch webdesign and development company called Active contributor to the Caffeine-hx project. He has many projects planned for the coming years, for which he finds Haxe a perfect companion. If you need someone to preach Haxe, give him a call. Active on IRC, mostly silent daily reader of the mailing list.
  • Rob Fell: since co-founding UK digital agency 4T2 in 1998, Rob has developed over 50 commercial flash games for brands including LEGO, Disney and BBC. Now focusing on multi-screen games development, Rob has embraced the inspirational Haxe and it's generous community. He shares his approach with awe6, the inverted game framework.
  • Jussi Kari : Software developer for a Finnish company doing Web payment solutions. Jussi is using Haxe in free time game projects for Jussi found out about Haxe after searching for MTASC alternative with AS3 support about a year ago.
  • Ian Thomas: Coming from a background in interactive television, Ian is now joint CEO and lead developer at Awen, an educational software company based in Wales. Awen's automated build system relies on Haxe, and many of their latest products use ScreenweaverHX and Haxe to provide functionality that Flash can't deliver.
  • Benjamin Dasnois: Student in IT at SUPINFO and Linux Trainer in the same school, Benjamin has been around Haxe since the beginning. He first felt in love with Haxe because it brings a full-featured typing system to JS. Now, Benjamin also uses Haxe for the server-side with nekoVM and tries to provide parts of the framework for the PHP target so that its software can be run on both platforms.
  • Zárate: Flash background developer using Haxe mainly for desktop applications via SWHX and HippoHX.
  • Dave Raggett: W3C standards geek and software developer. Dave is using haxe to develop thin clients for XML applications that exploit the ubiquitous Flash Player to run within web browsers. A suite of library components is in preparation for rendering and editing SVG, support for XForms, word processing, and a lightweight slide editor viewer (XML Slidy).
  • Tane Piper: Software developer and Open Source geek. Using HaXe to build Helium, a library/framework for building web-based installers for Adobe AIR applications. Digital Spaghetti
  • James Hofmann: Game developer turned startuper. Built a Haxe game engine framework/API, Game Squeezer Collection. Was a four-year Python user, but has used Haxe in the last year and a half and plans to continue with it in as many future projects as possible.
  • Adrien Giboire : Webdeveloper junior passionated by web based games creation, he discovered Haxe thanks Motion Twin's Blog. Fan of their products, he was attracted by the possibilities offered by Haxe.
  • Carl Looper : Can do anything. But can't do everything.
  • Alvin V. C. O (aka. codmajik) : Software Developer and Programming Language and OS Freak, He is highly interested speed and power part of everything. That is why his major interest is NekoVM since it provides not only speed and productivity, NekoVM also allows you to go as low as you like and link it up with it's C-FFI.
  • Tony Polinelli : Game designer, developer & partner in TouchMyPixel. Constanly wow'd by the huge power and possibilities of Haxe - especially as a replacement the mess knows as php and the feature lacking JS. After transitioning all of our server-side development & content management to hxphp, we're discovering the power of using haxe to develop games for multiple platforms.
  • Colin Lieberman : Web application engineer and Haxe hobbyist. He came to Haxe as a way to finally learn Flash, and has written a short tutorial on learning Flash with Haxe covering some areas unclear in other tutorials.
  • Blue Sans Douze : Does some Haxe test on his strange blog and does some Haxe at Chapatiz for the Flash Client.
  • Ivan Stojic: I'm doing Haxe mostly to satisfy my needs for indie Flash game development. It's just a hobby right now (I run my own consulting/development business), but I'm hoping I could make more of it at some point. I also do Common Lisp, Java and PHP. If needs be I can introduce bugs in OCaml code too. I've created a patch that allows the creation of pure Haxe Flash 9 preloaders.
  • Justin L Mills (JLM): Justinfront Ltd - Creative Flash. Fine artist and flash coder. Help with keeping the haxe forum spam free and try to answer some of the forum questions.
  • Tim Kerchmar: The Night School, LLC - My Blog Old business partner is looking to port Flash games to C++. I was going to generate lisp based compiler that would target multiple platforms and a Flash emulation layer on SDL. Imagine my glee to find HaXe. I am an active blogger and developer (working for myself full time) so you should see me on the forums, and see cool links appear on my blog. I am also excited because I now have multiple options for targetting the iPhone and future platforms. HaXe is going to continue to grow and it is exciting to be on the cusp of this wonderful tech. I also appreciate Nick's compiler expertise, its nice to see how fast everything is with only a small amount of modification in the AS3->HaXe conversion of my first project.
  • Peter "sHTiF" Stefcek: Java, C++, AS3 coder, founder of Flash-CORE playing with various advanced flash experiments with AIR, AS3, Alchemy and Haxe. Flash-CORE blog.
  • Pimm Hogeling: A user experience designer, with the background of a developer. Pimm used to write ActionScript 3; JavaScript and PHP, but dropped those languages in favour of Haxe because it allows him to focus less on the code, and more on the actual result. In addition to Haxe, he also speaks Java. Co-founder of web and mobile development team Ilumbo; the Haxe Signaling library (HSL) and MLC (a lightweight Quake-like console library).
  • Ivan Podrug - e1: +AS3 +PHP +... Graphic designer, web devigner, hxplorer. Owner at Podrug Studio / Solin, Croatia. Expirienced in field since 1996. Start from here
  • Allan Dowdeswell: GDC-certified graphic designer, and interactive developer. Owner of Confidant Communications. Sees Haxe as the ultimate tool for a Flash developer transitioning to a mobile development and web-application world.
  • Jens Heldt : Uses Haxe for programming his personal blog/website Once hes gained enough experience with Haxe, he plans to also use it for programming games.
  • Dan Korostelev : Uses Haxe for professional game development (JS and C# (Unity) targets.
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