Projects Using Haxe

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Here's a list of the projects that have been built partially or entirely using Haxe.

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  • Professional Work:
    • Structured Canvas Language - a simple declarative langauge for creating 2D sprite animations and games for the HTML5 canvas. See demos and try it out at Circus Now Animations
    • The character animation engine used in Music Pets and Super Dance was built in Haxe by Conduit Labs.
    • All latest games made by Motion-Twin, including and have been entirely built with Haxe for more than 2 years.
    • All latest Flash games made by, are now built using Haxe.
    • Aqualux, a casual puzzle game built on Haxe.
    • An interactive force-directed graph applet was created by Justin Donaldson for the social recommender service
    • A number of the most recent educational CD-ROMs from Awen use Haxe and ScreenweaverHX for logging, config and delivery on OSX and Windows.
    • Comapping - a next-generation collaborative online mindmapping tool - is entirely implemented in Haxe.
    • Ruy Adorno portfolio - The online portfolio of Ruy Adorno a Brazilian Flash Developer. Developed using haxe and many of its flash-related lybraries.
    • Altart Intermedia - Multimedia Agency. All flash related stuff is now fully or partially 'Haxe'd'. Altart is also intensively using Haxe in PHP projects (especially in Drupal modules development)
    • Chapatiz's flash client (vayu) has been made mostly in Haxe.
    • Visualize Yahoo Email - An interactive visualization made by Periscopic. We used a variety of different libraries: GTweenHX, raphaelExtern, colHx.
  • Experiments:
    • Freak Wenzie A so called “Modular FM synthesis programming environment engine”. By itself it is not a synthesizer, but the place where you can create synthesizers. It acts like a modular synth, but you never do anything visually – just a pure scripting.
    • haxORMap Object Relational Mapping tool/library with full relations, validation, multi-connection, CRUD queries and more. Seperates SQL queries from code by XML files. Project will be revived if requested.
    • Scroll Demo Demonstration of parallax scrolling layers (with source code).
    • Flash/JavaScript 3D Experiments A collection of tutorials and demos using Haxe and the Sandy-HX 3D engine.
    • A* Pathfinding in Haxe Comparing A* solving speeds in Haxe and Flash as3 (with source code).
    • HTween Speed Test Showcasing the fastest known Tweening engine (that includes a set of comparable features) benchmarked against the next fastest.
    • Haxe 2.02 with Sandy 3.1 3D Spectrum Analyzer An experiment using computeSpectrum() to analyze mp3 music and display results in 3D.
    • Haxe + Flex motion detector Augmented Reality application of Haxe. HaXe was used hare as a development tool for fast detector and image manipulation libraries.
    • AnimalWorld A simple "life simulation" with random interactions. Focused on Design Patterns implemented in Haxe. Good for beginners.
  • Tools/Frameworks
    • HippoHX is a layer on top of ScreenweaverHX that provides a simple API and a command line packager to help out development and deployment.
    • PureMVC is a lightweight framework for creating applications based upon the classic Model-View-Controller design meta-pattern.
    • GameSqueezerCollection is a game framework.
    • haxegui Haxe Graphical User Interface for the flash9 platform, a set of classes working as widgets like flash/flex's components and windows.
    • SamHaXe SamHaXe is a command-line asset library assembler for flash with a pluggable resource import module architecture.
    • manaGearz is a flash game engine with manager and plug-in concept, inspired from flixel and flash punk. Have support in importing asset and preloading, and many more
    • alphaTab is a JavaScript Library that allows you to embedd music notation and guitar tablatures to your websites.
  • Applications:
    • FDock is a desktop application built using Haxe & SWHX. It's an icon dock, like Object-Dock, YZDock...(source code available).
  • Tutorials:
    • SourceForget Project Haxe Flash Tutorial is a tutorial focused on Haxe/ Flash, (early stadium) ... (OpenSource and GPL).
    • RevoluGame has some tutorials in french really helpful for Haxe beginners. And some works/games made with it.
    • Icebirds' blog has some tutorials in Chinese for the beginner .
    • RAZAINA.FR - a website built in Haxe. You can find some Haxe tutorials. It is still under construction for now but you already can find some tutorials, and more will be posted as regularly as possible.
    • - a Haxe tutorial for absolute beginners.
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