Forum Setup

HaXe forum setup

The Haxe forum is open sourced by Nicolas, if you wish to improve it for your own use or for the community here are instructions for getting setup and any notes on installation.

In order to setup the wiki

Download the latest sources.

Install Haxe + Neko

  • Requires Haxe 2.09+, currently only available from the nightly builds.

Install mtwin and templo libraries

  • haxelib install mtwin
  • haxelib install templo
  • haxelib install spodadmin
    • haxelib install hscript

Install MySql Database Server

Configure Website

  • Copy config.tpl.xml as config.xml and configure the db field with your local mysql database server
    • db="mysql://root:@localhost:3306/hxwiki"

Create temploc executable

  • cd www
  • haxelib run templo
  • cd ../


  • haxe project.hxml

Or use the Makefile. (requires make utility to be installed)

  • make


  • cd www
  • nekotools server -rewrite
  • Visit http://localhost:2000/
    • It should automatically create the database tables
    • refresh to start using!

Default Admin Login

User: admin
Pass: admin

Forum Setup

To setup the forum :

  • go to your hxwiki database
  • go to grouprights table. For each group do the following
    • copy or duplicate each row, set the value for the path field to forum and set isForum to 1.
    • save the row.
  • go to forumtheme table. Insert a new row and set the path field to forum.
    • save the row.
  • (re)start nekotools server -rewrite
  • visit http://localhost:2000/forum
    • you should see an empty forum!

Config Options

Website Theme

  • set style="haxe" for old design
  • set style="haxe2" for new design

Enable Google Search

  • set gsearch gsearch="1"


  • Access denied for user 'root'@''...
    Read here for possible reasons and solutions. You probably need to add a password in the config.xml:
  • Field 'x' doesn't have a default value
    Read here for possible reasons and solutions. You probably have strict mode enabled in your my.ini config file.
    You can remove STRICT_TRANS_TABLES from
  • SELECT * FROM Session WHERE sid = '...' FOR UPDATE Table 'hxwiki.session' doesn't exist
    In case something went wrong during setup and you dropped the entire database to start over, you will get this error because your browser still has the old cookie. Remove the cookie(sid) from your browser and visit localhost:2000 again to setup a completely new database. You should see: Error Database initialized which means everything went correctly.

You may need to add the -D haxe_211 or -D haxe3 flag to the project.hxml

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