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This is a list of pages which could be good to add to the wiki. Feel free to add to the list or create pages when you have time. If you have any questions about how to use Wiki read the Wiki Guide



  • Download "Download for ubuntu" for other language (currently at the bottom of the page) DONE: en,fr TODO: ru,jp,nl,de,es,it,pl,pt,cn,ro,kr
  • Getting started on Windows
  • FlashDevelop 3 Installation & Usage
  • Getting started on Osx
  • TextMate Installation & Usage should include etexteditor.
    Please indicate what needs documenting, you install editor and download bundle, I can add usage tips but really not sure if they are needed here...? TODO: Bundle needs code compleation.
    I have looked at etexteditor on ubuntu, it is tricky/slow to install looks very complete but is very buggy (it helps if you resize the project pane before opening files). Links to get it working.
    If we could create plugins for etexteditor it may allow improved tools and possible cross platform. ;j

Cross Platform







Finish the manual, or link the pages correctly: Manual

Homepages for targets

It might be good to create homepages for each target as a page to give you an overview and links to everything useful for that target. They can be linked from the Discover page - It makes sense to be able to discover a target


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