Development Environment

In order to start a new Haxe target project you must download the sources from CVS. There also exists a script,, which automatizes downloading and installation:

How to run depends on your Operative System. Complete instructions for each plaform are available in compiler_guide.

Once you've started to write your code you'll realize that compilation is painfully slow, more than 30 seconds in most cases. If you have a look at you'll see that, apart from the files you've modified, it recompiles a lot of files you haven't touched.

Ocaml has the possibility to do incremental compilation, which will let you reduce compilation time to near 2 sec. Check incremental compilation script on haxeCLI repository and modify it in order to create your own:

There are Ocaml IDEs such as Camelia or OcaIDE (Eclipse plugin) , but text editors were used in the development of haxePHP and haxeCLI.

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