Professional Haxe and Neko


This book, having taken a year to write, is the combined efforts of Lee and Franco, with much help from Nicolas Cannasse, Daniel Fischer, Ritchie Turner (aka. Blackdog) and the team at Wiley & Sons. The book is a comprehensive overview of the Haxe language and Neko virtual machine, sporting 648 pages of information.

The chapters include the following topics:

  • PART I: The Core Language
    • Chapter 1: Introducing Haxe
    • Chapter 2: Installing and Using Haxe and Neko
    • Chapter 3: Learning the Basics
    • Chapter 4: Controlling the Flow of Information
    • Chapter 5: Delving into Object-Oriented Programming
    • Chapter 6: Organizing Your Code
    • Chapter 7: When Things Go Wrong
  • PART II - Server Side, JavaScript, and Flash, Oh My!
    • Chapter 8: Cross Platform Tools
    • Chapter 9: Building Websites in Haxe
    • Chapter 10: Seperating Design Using Templates
    • Chapter 11: Performing Server-Side Trickery
    • Chapter 12: Building Interactive Content With Flash
    • Chapter 13: Replacing the Need for an IDE
    • Chapter 14: More Interactive Content with JavaScript
    • Chapter 15: Putting It All Together with Haxe Remoting
  • PART III - Extending The Possibilities
    • Chapter 16: Haxe Advanced Topics
    • Chapter 17: Desktop Applications with Neko
    • Chapter 18: Desktop Flash with SWHX
    • Chapter 19: Multimedia with Neko
    • Chapter 20: Extending Haxe with C/C++
    • Appendix A: Semantic HTML

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