Flash/Neko Chat Example

Here's a small code example showing how you can quickly develop a Realtime Chat using a haxe/Flash Client and a haxe/Neko commandline Server that communicates using Haxe Remoting. This package contains the following files :

  • ClientApi.hx : the API that the Server can call on the Client
  • ServerApi.hx : the API that the Client can call on the Server
  • Client.hx : the haxe/Flash Client Implementation, uses XMLSocket
  • Server.hx : the haxe/Neko Server Implementation, uses ThreadRemotingServer
  • app.hxml : the HXML file to compile the project
  • server.n and server.bat : neko binary and batch file to start the server
  • client.swf and client.html : the precompiled flash client.

Please open the HTML after starting the server and follow the instructions. The source code is very small (4 KB) and should be a good start for people wanting to develop realtime applications.

remoting_chat_example_swf9.zip (For flash9-11 haxe 2-3)

Legacy flash 8 example. Flash 8 target is not the default target anymore, so edit the file app.hxml to target flash 8 instead of flash 9 with the -swf-version 8 compilation option.

Trouble shooting

If you don't load the client from domain localhost you have to change host in both: Server.hx and Client.hx. Then the flash socket policy files will be served correctly.
Also read the Summary of Flash Security arcticle.
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