Tarwins AS3 to Haxe conversion script

Due to Haxe wiki limitation code had to be moved to pastebin: http://pastebin.com/s0VccheL
Haxe 3 port can be found here: https://github.com/as3boyan/tarwins_as3_to_haxe_conversion_script_-_haxe_neko_-

It can be compiled with the following compile.hxml

-main As3ToHaxe 
-neko bin\As3ToHaxe.n

It's still work in progress so developer notes:

  • changes any 4x spaces to tabs (needed for later cleanup)
  • fixes package, opening and closing braces as well
  • fixes classes to be haxe-like
  • replaces all the void, Boolean, Number, including
  • fixes Vectors and adds imports
  • fixes arrays, adding <Dynamic> (don't think there's an easy way to actually define these properly
  • fixes protected and internet defs
  • makes all namespaces private and adds a "using" for a friend class
  • fixes "const" and creates static inline vars
  • fixes Error class (simply imports flash.Error if it's used)
  • creates proper haxe getter/setters

  • TODO: create "friend" class from namespaces info collected information
  • TODO: move initial var setting from var definition to constructor (not for static inline of course)
  • TODO: loops.

If you have improvements please send them to the Haxe list for verification or post them on the Haxe forum.

version #18039, modified 2013-04-15 20:45:08 by as3boyan