The current @ defined in the haxe compiler.

@:abstract : Sets the underlying class implementation as 'abstract' (for cs,java)
@:access(Target path) : Forces private access to package, type or field
@:allow(Target path) : Allows private access from package, type or field
@:annotation : Annotation (@interface) definitions on -java-lib imports will be annotated with this metadata. Has no effect on types compiled by Haxe (java only)
@:arrayAccess : Allows [] access on an abstract
@:autoBuild(Build macro call) : Extends @:build metadata to all extending and implementing classes
@:bind : Override Swf class declaration (flash only)
@:bitmap(Bitmap file path) : Embeds given bitmap data into the class (must extend flash.display.BitmapData) (flash only)
@:build(Build macro call) : Builds a class or enum from a macro
@:buildXml : (cpp only)
@:classCode : Used to inject platform-native code into a class (for cs,java)
@:commutative : Declares an abstract operator as commutative
@:compilerGenerated : Marks a field as generated by the compiler. Shouldn't be used by the end user (for cs,java)
@:coreApi : Identifies this class as a core api class (forces Api check)
@:coreType : Identifies an abstract as core type so that it requires no implementation
@:cppFileCode : (cpp only)
@:cppNamespaceCode : (cpp only)
@:debug : Forces debug information to be generated into the Swf even without -debug (flash only)
@:decl : (cpp only)
@:defParam : ?
@:depend : (cpp only)
@:deprecated : Automatically added by -java-lib on class fields annotated with @Deprecated annotation. Has no effect on types compiled by Haxe. (java only)
@:expose(?Name=Class path) : Makes the class available on the window object (js only)
@:extern : Marks the field as extern so it is not generated
@:fakeEnum(Type name) : Treat enum as collection of values of the specified type
@:file(File path) : Includes a given binary file into the target Swf and associates it with the class (must extend flash.utils.ByteArray) (flash only)
@:final : Prevents a class from being extended
@:font(TTF path,Range String) : Embeds the given TrueType font into the class (must extend flash.text.Font)
@:from : Specifies that the field of the abstract is a cast operation from the type identified in the function
@:functionCode : (cpp only)
@:functionTailCode : (cpp only)
@:generic : Marks a class or class field as generic so each type parameter combination generates its own type/field
@:getter(Class field name) : Generates a native getter function on the given field (flash only)
@:hack : Allows extending classes marked as @:final
@:headerClassCode : (cpp only)
@:headerCode : (cpp only)
@:headerNamespaceCode : (cpp only)
@:hxGen : Annotates that an extern class was generated by Haxe (for cs,java)
@:ifFeature(Feature name) : Causes a field to be kept by DCE if the given feature is part of the compilation
@:include : (cpp only)
@:initPackage : ?
@:internal : Generates the annotated field/class with 'internal' access (for cs,java)
@:isVar : Forces a physical field to be generated for properties that otherwise would not require one
@:keep : Causes a field or type to be kept by DCE
@:keepInit : Causes a class to be kept by DCE even if all its field are removed
@:keepSub : Extends @:keep metadata to all implementing and extending classes
@:macro : (deprecated)
@:meta : Internally used to mark a class field as being the metadata field
@:multiType : Specifies that an abstract chooses its this-type from its @:to functions
@:native(Output type path) : Rewrites the path of a class or enum during generation
@:nativeGen : Annotates that a type should be treated as if it were an extern definition - platform native (for cs,java)
@:noCompletion : Prevents the compiler from suggesting completion on this field
@:noDebug : Does not generate debug information into the Swf even if -debug is set (flash only)
@:noDoc : Prevents a type from being included in documentation generation
@:noImportGlobal : Prevents a static field from being imported with import Class.*
@:noPackageRestrict : ?
@:noStack : (cpp only)
@:noUsing : Prevents a field from being used with 'using'
@:notNull : Declares an abstract type as not accepting null values
@:ns : Internally used by the Swf generator to handle namespaces (flash only)
@:op(The operation) : Declares an abstract field as being an operator overload
@:optional : Marks the field of a structure as optional
@:overload(Function specification (no expression)) : Allows the field to be called with different argument types
@:protected : Marks a class field as being protected
@:public : Marks a class field as being public
@:publicFields : Forces all class fields of inheriting classes to be public
@:readOnly : Generates a field with the 'readonly' native keyword (cs only)
@:remove : Causes an interface to be removed from all implementing classes before generation
@:require(Compiler flag to check) : Allows access to a field only if the specified compiler flag is set
@:rtti : Adds runtime type informations
@:runtime : ?
@:runtimeValue : Marks an abstract as being a runtime value
@:setter(Class field name) : Generates a native getter function on the given field (flash only)
@:sound(File path) : Includes a given .wav or .mp3 file into the target Swf and associates it with the class (must extend flash.media.Sound) (flash only)
@:struct : Marks a class definition as a struct. (cs only)
@:suppressWarnings : Adds a SuppressWarnings annotation for the generated Java class (java only)
@:throws(Type as String) : Adds a 'throws' declaration to the generated function. (java only)
@:to : Specifies that the field of the abstract is a cast operation to the type identified in the function
@:transient : Adds the 'transient' flag to the class field (java only)
@:unifyMinDynamic : Allows a collection of types to unify to Dynamic
@:unreflective : (cpp only)
@:unsafe : Declares a class, or a method with the C#'s 'unsafe' flag (cs only)
@:usage : ?
@:volatile : (for cs,java)

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