About hxjava haxelib

The hxjava project was designed to provide:

  • Compilation of generated java source code into a .jar package
  • Haxe 2.10-compatible extern definitions for all Java Standard Library. This was made so users can still enjoy mid-release improvements while not needing to use nightly builds. (planned for mid-2.10 release)
  • Haxe sys defintions that are still not ported. As of 2.10, there is only support for the sys.io package. The hxjava haxelib will be a way to provide those mid-release additions. (planned for mid-2.10 release)
  • Compatibility of Haxe CFFI for Java. This will mean that with the same native C/C++/Objective-C "Glue Code", users will be able to provide interfaces for Neko, Hxcpp, Java and C# ! This will be a major improvement for libraries such as NME, which will then be able to use the Java and C# targets without changing their code. (planned for mid-2.10 release)

Please contribute with patches and improvements if you'd like!

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