Java Roadmap

post-2.10 release

  • Fix known bugs
  • Support JAR library input / new overload idiom
  • Add the whole Java STD library externs
  • Haxe fast reflection boilerplate will only be added with a special flag (Issue 969)
  • Java anonymous function improvements (Issue 916)
  • sys.db and implementations
  • Java CFFI implemention (Issue 931)
  • Add Java Bytecode output option - the compiler generating directly Java bytecode, without the need of javac
  • Optimizations
    • avoid boxing when using type parameters (@:jgeneric)
    • faster anonymous objects' internal structure
    • anonymous objects with function declarations -> anonymous class creation
  • Java Bytecode input - be able to link to another .jar or classes without generating externs
  • Haxe's Iterator<> and Iterable<> conversion to real java.lang.Iterator<> and java.lang.Iterable<>
  • Add the whole Java Std library to the Haxe distribution
  • Support java 1.7 invokedynamic bytecode
  • Add compiler option to generate Java code that preserves member visibility and documentation, for code sharing between Haxe and native Java

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