Haxe Libraries

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Haxe comes already with batteries included. Need more? Make use of Haxe Libraries provided by the Haxe community.

Haxe Libraries on the Internet

Thanks to some eager Haxe developers you can already find a great number of projects distributed over various places and common open source repositories such as

Haxe Libraries on Haxelib

How do you find and make use of these great libraries? Most of these user libraries are enlisted on a central package repository http://lib.haxe.org. The fact, that these distributed libraries are are accessible on one central place makes installation and usage easy. There is also a specialized tool haxelib that helps you to provide or to consume these libraries. Access the http://lib.haxe.org website to view all the libraries available using haxelib.

Haxe Libraries on the Wiki

Here's a full list of libraries that are documented on the Wiki. Don't hesitate to add your own by creating its page in the /com/libs wiki pages.

Haxe Libraries by Category

This list is not exhaustive.

GUI Toolkits

Multi-Target/Multi-Purpose Libraries & Frameworks

3D Frameworks


Game Frameworks

Vector Graphics

Web Frameworks/Tools

Language Enhancements & Converters

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