Targeting C++

You can compile Haxe code into a C++ application.
The C++ target is new so expect this page to become more complete as the target matures.

For more information see Getting started with Haxe/C++.

For packaging a standalone exe see "ExampleMain.cpp" in the hxcpp source tree.

Haxe vs. C++

  • Haxe allows you to remap your flash applications to the desktop.
  • Haxe automatically deals with low level memory issues, and makes cross platform development simple.
  • Haxe allows you to change the backend web language without significant code changes, so it is easy to setup with php Haxe and then migrate to neko and then c++ as a site becomes successful enough to justify a dedicated server.


The C++ library was based on the Neko library so many of the Neko Tutorials apply to C++ as well.
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