irc instructions

[17:52] tLt 1. download and compile tamarin
[17:53] tLt 2. add my patch to the haxe std/flash9
[17:54] tLt 3. compile with -D avmshell
[17:55] tLt well, before compiling, as i havent figured out a better way - declare the class with the entrypoint (i.e. main()) as "IPL"
[17:55] tLt @:ns("")@:native("IPL") class TamarinTest {
[17:55] tLt public function new() { trace("hello cruel world from Haxe targeting avmshell! tamarin v"+System.getAvmplusVersion()); }
[17:55] tLt public static function main() { var tt = new TamarinTest(); trace("goodbye cruel world! freeMem:"+System.freeMemory); }
[17:55] tLt }
[17:56] tLt there are some semantic differences in how the init/entry code is executed which i dont think can be overcome without patching up the haxe compiler
[17:57] tLt so i load the resulting swf together with a small abc that just locates and calls IPL.main()
[18:01] tLt i *think* that is enough on its own
[18:02] tLt i need to actually reinstall hx to be sure, but someone can try it perhaps
[18:02] tLt also
[18:02] tLt this goes in std/avmplus:
[18:03] tLt you can try and see if shit compiles perhaps
[18:05] tLt <tLt> replace std\flash9\Boot.hx
[18:05] tLt <tLt> as std\avmplus\System.hx
[18:06] tLt just an empty class Foo { public static function main() { } }
[18:06] tLt haxe -main Foo -swf9 foo.swf -D avmshell
[18:07] tLt then if you try the resulting swf in flash player it should bitch about not inheriting sprite
[18:07] tLt

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