Leopard Nightly Details

Suitable for Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard.


Last Build

  • Date 8 May 2013
  • haxe svn revision: 6604
    Haxe 3.0.0 rc2
    Neko 2
  • filename: haxe3rc2.zip


  • Download the file http://www.haxe3.org/downloads/nightly/osx10_5/haxe3/
  • unzip, inside there is a usr folder.
  • within the usr/bin folder are symbolic links for haxe and neko, drag them into your usr/bin if required ( these don't change so you may have already.) I am unsure if you need to setup some new symlinks or paths that are automatically created by the make file with release of the new haxelib2
  • if you don't have Neko2 drag the usr/lib/neko folder into your usr/lib/ also you will need to drag libneko.dylib into your usr/lib folder.
  • lastly drag usr/lib/haxe into your usr/lib folder.

haxelib setup

  • Then from the terminal
    haxelib setup 
    and accept what it suggests by pressing return.
  • Then from the terminal
    haxelib selfupdate
  • Then get Java, C#, c++ libraries ...
    haxelib install hxjava    
    haxelib install hxcpp    
    haxelib install hxcs

    Justin's build notes mostly historical
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