( Developer Notes - Manual Build Details for Justin's reference )

Now using the standard make file again but keep for reference as other details such as packaging up and putting on server.


  • Download the file http://www.haxe3.org/downloads/nightly/osx10_5/haxe3/
  • unzip, inside there is a usr folder.
  • within the usr/bin folder are symbolic links for haxe and neko, drag them into your usr/bin if required ( these don't change so you may have already.)
  • if you don't have Neko2 drag the usr/lib/neko folder into your usr/lib/ also you will need to drag libneko.dylib into your usr/lib folder.
  • lastly drag usr/lib/haxe into your usr/lib folder.

( also includes the current make file I am using see below ).

Beware that you are only adding haxe and neko to your bin and lib folders you must not replace your bin or lib folders, if your unsure get some help on the haxe irc channel.

( Developer Notes )

Required Ocaml and git these can be obtained via macports package distributor. ( http://www.macports.org/install.php ) for leopard...

sudo port install git-core +svn+bash_completion
sudo port install ocaml 4

cd /usr/lib
rm -r haxe
// previously   -   svn export http://haxe.googlecode.com/svn/trunk ./haxe
git clone https://github.com/HaxeFoundation/haxe.git haxe
cd haxe
git submodule init
git submodule update

To get the revision number ( or count ) there is a special number associated with revisions but simpler to use the count.

git rev-list HEAD --count

mate main.ml

rem 8216 is just the revision version remember to change the terminal commands accordingly.

______________edit details______________
modifications from ( exact line numbers will differ ):

        line 47
        line 48 let version = 300


        line 47 let revision = Printf.sprintf "%d" 8216
        line 48 let version = 300

modifications from :

    line 913     let usage = Printf.sprintf
        "Haxe Compiler %s %s - (C)2005-2014 Haxe Foundation\n Usage : haxe%s -main <class> [-swf|-js|-neko|-php|-cpp|-as3] <output> [options]\n Options :"
        s_version (match Version.version_extra with None -> "" | Some v -> v) (if Sys.os_type = "Win32" then ".exe" else "")

to :

    line 913 let usage = Printf.sprintf
        "Haxe Compiler %s %s  - rev %s - (C)2005-2013 Haxe Foundation\n Usage : haxe%s -main <class> [-swf|-js|-neko|-php|-cpp|-as3] <output> [options]\n Options :"
        s_version (match Version.version_extra with None -> "" | Some v -> v) revision (if Sys.os_type = "Win32" then ".exe" else "")


make all haxelib

if successful check haxe


and check it can compile some real code, at least a javascript project, and check it can download a haxelib, best to do this with hxjava since this is needed to build the jav-lib documents.
haxelib setup

if you need to use sudo all the time this fix seems to work for haxelib
sudo chown `whoami` `haxelib config`

just leave it as default path

haxelib selfupdate
haxelib install hxjava

next we prepare to package it.
cd doc
nekoc release.neko
neko release 3.00
tar zxf haxe-3.00-osx.tar.gz

manually create a directory structure with symbolic links for the usr/bin folder and in a lib folder neko, haxe and libneko.dylib and zip up.

ssh ....
cd ../../var/www/haxe3/downloads/nightly/osx10_5
chmod 777 haxe3
// then drag zip using Cyberduck
chmod 755 haxe3
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