Haxe 3.0

如果您是从Haxe 2升级至Haxe 3的,请在升级前参阅 迁移指南 , 因为 Haxe 3 并非是 100% 向后兼容 Haxe 2 的.




详细指导请参阅 Haxe 3 Release Notes.

Haxe 2.10

Automatic Installer

Please note that the automatic installer also downloads and installs NekoVM which is used for some Haxe tools like haxelib and haxedoc.

Some antivirus software reports the Windows installer as infected. This is a false report and you can safely run the program on your system.
If you encounter this, please contact the antivirus vendor so they can fix this false positive as soon as possible.
You can read more about this issue here.

Manual install

Haxe can also be installed manually. Zip files and instructions for each operating system can be found here.
These zips contain the same haxe version that the automatic installer uses.

SVN builds aka nightlies

New features, enhancements and bug fixes are being comitted daily. You can download a 'nightly build' from one of these servers.
Read about the latest changes in the commit log or in changes.txt.

Linux apt/ppa

For Linux there are also packages available.
(Currently, these are not being updated as frequently as the nightly builds.)

Build from source

Haxe's source code is available on github.
Instructions to build from source can be found on this page.
Previously it was hosted on google code.

Next steps

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