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  • I am looking at the Haxe Calculator project and I see a reference to org.ianliu.Fog but this project is not present and I don't know where to find it. (There is a UIFog module in the project but of course it's not the same thing.

    Is the calculator project ... simply ... incomplete, and un-buildable?!

    (Which of course begs the question that, "if so, why is it on Google Code?" Surely not ...)

  • P.S. Looking at "http:code.google.com/u/ian.liu88/" produces only a few empty Mercurial repositories.

    Did this guy, like, graduate?


  • I found UIFog here?? Er not tried building it but let me know if this is what you couldn't find and if works now.

  • Try, and you will find that it doesn't.

  • Mike he seems to have a googleplus account so you could try contacting him directly, it uses screenweaver so I presume the project is fairly old. I would expect creating a new view would be easiest approach and not hard.

    Looking at the code base it seems that the class that does the work is Parse.hx, you probably also need ParseError.hx, so maybe start with creating a simple calculator and try using this class to parse the results, I think the method names are in Brazilian ( Spanish? ) but fairly obvious what they do.

    So I suspect you can just do something like.
    var calculation = new Parse( '(3x6)/10' );
    trace( calculation.result );

    But you will have to experiment, let me know how you get on.

  • Well, it finally dawned on me that all I really wanted was a simple four-banger calculator, so I finally sat down one afternoon and wrote one from scratch by dinnertime. For JS target, as it turned out.

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