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  • You know, I am very new to this and there is one thing bugging me; the "correct" pronunciation is meant to be "hex".. come on guys, you're not doing yourself any favours here, am sure many of you are thinking it is crazy. If there is enough support, can we change the official pronunciation to "hax" and be done with it? Your response welcome, thanks!

  • french people have trouble pronunciating hax, so it's a tough call...

  • HaXe site offers guidence about how you say and write 'HaXe' in france, but different nationalities, and individuals may choose to say it differently, I think this is now fairly accepted and even expected.

  • Well it seems to me, either it is mis-pronounced way too often, or that newbies and outsiders must be "educated" how to pronounce it correctly. Either way, it's a public relations nightmare. I really do think that the popularity of HaXe would be improved with either a new name or, at least, going with the flow of popular consensus.

    Btw, what is the origin of the name HaXe? - was it an acronym? Any suggestions for a new name?

  • I suggest, (a) that it is impractical if not impossible to change the established name of a software product ex post facto; and furthermore (b) that it makes not the slightest bit of difference how people say it. Let us have fun with it, but not brew a "tempest in a teapot" that would spoil the fun.

    (I pronounce it hack-see but who cares.)

    It could be said that it has a wee bit of public-relations benefit, because it's sort of fun to ask, "how do you say it?" :-)

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