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  • Hi, I have Haxe working in FlashDevelop 4. However, I can't seem to get breakpoints working. Is there some trick to debugging or setting up breakpoints?



  • I don't know anything about javascript breakpoint debugging in Haxe but if it's a FD4 tool it maybe wise to ask there?

  • debugging is a feature for flash debugging swf's (afaik) - not sure how it works - but i dont think it relates to ALL of haxe code at all

  • Well put Tony, but just thought i would add ...recently, I believe you can use Javascript debugging in Chrome, it is currently being integrated and will hopefully be available in the next Haxe release.
    see png
    Maybe you can compile a working version from Aduros branch that includes some js improvements that are getting pulled into the main branch.
    The feature include strict Javascript, and namespacing er so stuff is not all global... and the chrome debugging, and minimizing should be some good improvement to js target can't wait.

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