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  • I have recently revisit one of the older projects that I had been working on using Haxe. It involves the use of the Alchemy Opcode via the flash.Memory API. The project worked fine in the older Flash Players (<11.2), but when I try to run the same SWF using the newer Flash Player (11.3, 11.4), I am getting a runtime error message. I have tried to force the swf-version to 11, but it still doesn't help.

    I read somewhere that Adobe has disabled Alchemy Opcodes in the newer Flash Player. Is there any workaround? Does Haxe support the new Alchemy2 opcode?

  • Tom

    have you tried this library https://github.com/polygonal/ds#readme .

  • To clarify
    I mean have you tried it with polygonal because he has updated his stuff recently so if anyone has a fix for it he will, I don't know what the status of flash memory is but with the tax maybe it's easier just to avoid it or code with a library that you can turn it on or off with a complie switch?

  • Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I don't think the alchemy code works (with the -D alchemy compiler option enabled). It's seems like the old alchemy opcodes have been completely removed from the new Flash Players (11.3, 11.4). It doesn't matter if I am using Stage3D or not.

    Can someone confirm this finding? Are all the old alchemy opcodes for fast memory access gone?

  • Tom I added a question to the haxedev mailing list to get clarity.

    A forum post suggests that the flash memory no longer work in new flash players using haxe, but maybe he is just using it wrong?

    It should work perfectly, the only restrictions are that in case you use Stage3D + flash.Memory, you will fall back to software rendering instead of GPU acceleration unless you get a license from Adobe. Best, Nicolas


    I suggest you make sure you have the lastest haxe code http://haxe.org/download, if that is not working try patching with a nightly found on the manual install page. If you are absolutely sure that you are still having an issue, then please submit a bug report detailing the operating system etc.. Haxe bugs can be reported here ( but Nicolas has now read the forum post and I suspect done some tests against current SVN, so please double check your work before submitting any bug ).

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