Haxe libraries

Haxe is distributed with haxelib, a tool which enables developers to share their code and libraries into a common repository.

Detailed information about using haxelib can be found here and here.

Want to build the haxelib tool from source? Then read this how-to.

Other places where you can find publicly shared haxe libraries are described on this page.

While most of these libraries come with their own documentation and examples, some are also documented in this wiki. Check this list. Don't hesitate to add your own. You can create a wiki page for your haxelib library by visiting http://haxe.org/com/libs/your-project-name-here and clicking create. A link to your library wiki page will be automatically added to the list.

Visit the http://lib.haxe.org website to view all the available libraries.
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