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If you could only learn one programming language, Haxe would be it.
It's universal. It's powerful. It's easy-to-use.



Haxe can be compiled to all popular programming platforms with its fast compiler – JavaScript, Flash, NekoVM, PHP, C++, C# and Java – which means your apps will support all popular mobile devices, such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry and more.

Haxe Foundation

Haxe is a technology created and backed by the Haxe Foundation. Visit the Foundation website and contact us if you are looking for support or advice for using Haxe in your company.

Familiar syntax

If you are familiar with Java, PHP, JavaScript or ActionScript, the Haxe syntax should be very familiar, allowing you to get down to coding right away with a minimal learning curve.

Strictly Typed

Unlike JavaScript which can take hours to debug, Haxe has a very strict compile-time type checking feature that allows you to catch errors before testing your program in the browser, and automatically offers helpful instruction on how to debug the issue.

Modern Language

Haxe offers a lot of modern features that any decent language should have nowadays, all of them being fully cross-platform. (learn more)

Open Source

Haxe is open source and free to use. It has the right formula to become the next industry standard and is already garnering many adopters in the coding community whom we’d like to fondly call, the Haxers!
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Code Snippets

See for yourselfWant to see how Haxe works?
Here’s a list of code snippets that gives you a glimpse of what’s possible with Haxe.
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Multiplatform Language

Haxe in action !Haxe can target many platforms natively with the same code base.examples.png
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