app framework ideas gathering..?

Some words

The aim is to design and realise a framework dedicated to Haxe. We saw some try but nothing still presents or not stable,... Always developed by one person. So, this is an initiative which is searching to join several haXors to develop one framework.

Firstly, we have to list the specifics we need/want, the goal of the framework, its philosophy, ie must have a library-like behavior or not, ...

Some answers to share ? :)


Documents to prepare:

  • an analysis model:
    • modules (cache, log, db, security,...)
    • priority : V0, V1, Vnext
  • for each modules (precedence for V0 & V1):
    • name + mod objectives + description of basics speciality
    • requirements (other mod(s)?)
    • pages layout
    • process scheme



Here's a page to gather ideas on what an Haxe framework should include. Feel free to add yours.

  • Complete SPOD System including:
    • One-to-One relations
    • One-to-Many relations
    • Many-to-Many relations
    • Searching functionalities (without writing SQL)
  • Complete MVC management
  • Management of users & rights (ACL)
  • Errors & exceptions management
  • Basic threads management (like redirections)
  • Log
  • Unit testing management
  • benchmark
  • advanced management of cache
  • functions centralization
  • core outsourcing
  • Transparent SVN management
  • multi language management
  • template management
  • debug bar
  • forms
  • router
  • Automatic Admin Interface
  • and moreover, a roxing doc !!!
    • API with explanation for each function/method/mod/...
    • tuto
    • operating process to show how use the fw
    • the using rules, don't forget it's also to work in team
    • some scheme sto explain the functioning
    • a doc on how to install and create plug

anything else ?

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