Haxe Language Features

Language Features (fully crossplatform) :

  • Classical Object Oriented class + interface model (similar to Java)
  • Strictly typed but with Dynamic support
  • Packages and modules
  • Generics (type parameters) with one or several constraints, but not variance
  • Advanced type inference for both all variables including methods arguments / return types (except member variables)
  • Anonymous Structures with structural subtyping
  • Strictly typed functional types
  • Polymorphic Methods (per-method type parameters), no constraints supported
  • Optional and constant default value function arguments
  • Constant inlined variables
  • Explicit inline methods
  • Local functions declarations with this capturing
  • Automatic closure creation
  • Enums (with parameters)
  • No statements : only expressions
  • Exceptions (try/catch)
  • Metadata
  • Partial function call with callback
  • Getter/Setter and more with Properties
  • Method injection with "using" mixin
  • Conditional Compilation
  • native iterators

Standard Library (fully cross platform)

Tooling/customization :

Third party Library/tools/IDE :

  • JQuery and SWFObject wrappers (Javascript target only)
  • FlashDevelop IDE (Windows)
  • SublimeText Bundle (OSX)
  • Format library
  • NME and Jeash
  • HxSL 3D shader DSL

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